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Is Aha Good For Teen Skin?

Posted by dilkyhiru in dilkyhiru's Blog, 07 July 2015 · 5 views

Hii im 18 years .i am using the regimen currently and it has cleared up my skin but i still do get acne on my face and i have some acne scars and small acne like pumps on my face.is it ok for me to use the aha on my face ?? Is it good for teen skin??

Check This Out Week 6 Progress

Posted by adfreak1991 in Let's do this, Dan!, 06 July 2015 · 16 views
the regimen, regimen, dan, log and 5 more...

Check This Out Week 6 Progress Dolla dolla bills y'all. Just hyperpigmentation now!

My Ziana Journey!

Posted by mldarmygirl in mldarmygirl's Blog, 06 July 2015 · 6 views

Trying to see improvement with using ziana, prescribed by my determalogist.

Been on it for a few weeks now, not exactly sure how many because I haven't been using it every night like I was supposed to,

But I can say my acne has got a lot worse than it was before I started using it!!! 😳😔😣😤

But people say it's a "purge" an...

Help Chest Shoulders And Back Scarring

Posted by AssuringCorn in AssuringCorn's Blog, 05 July 2015 · 13 views

I am a 17 year old girl that has mild facial acne. I don't mind my facial acne too much because my real problem is my chest, shoulders, and back. I don't have too much active acne on my chest, shoulders, and back but I do have a lot of white and blackheads on both areas. My biggest inscurity is my scars though. I've been to several dermatologists and non...

Heading In A Different Direction.

Posted by leelowe1 in To Acne with no love, 04 July 2015 · 60 views

After the most recent commutation with my much adored dermatologist, I have decided to slowly step back from the topicals and try a different approach.  I met with a skin professional near where I live and we spent a good chunk of time talking about my skin, diet and lifestyle.  She looked over my skin, went over my regimen and then offered her input.


Accutane Concerns

Posted by Taylor1994 in Taylor1994's Blog, 03 July 2015 · 43 views

Okay so I just started my second month of accutane, and I can honestly say I feel pretty good thus far. I have the dry lips, skin, etc. The thing I am worried about is what it could potentially do to me long term.. I am going into law enforcement and I don't want this medication to mess me up to the point where I can't get hired anywhere because I cannot...

Im 2 Guys In One Body Thanks To Acne

Posted by fouzi94 in accutane's adventures and other fun stuff, 03 July 2015 · 63 views

hey guys and welcome back ....im not sure if any one is following all of this since no one comments or even say hit ...that's rude by the way ...unless you're just a visitor or you don't have any fingers please comment and let me know you're there .

anyway ....im here today to talk to you about the affect of acne on me personally and im sure many can rel...

Day 11 - 13

Posted by luwcas20 in Accutane Journey, 03 July 2015 · 46 views

Day 11 (Continued)
In the evening I started with a really bad throat it felt like my throat was swollen like I was starting with the flu or something as my body was starting to ache as well. I tried to get an early nights sleep to warn it off but the weather here made it nearly impossible as it was the hottest day of the year and was awful to try and get...

Post Accutane Day 30

Posted by ItsAllGoodFellas in 2nd Course of Accutane, 02 July 2015 · 57 views
clean and clear, post accutane and 3 more...


Well i finished my last pill of accutane 30 days ago, i did two months only and the last month i took on my own will for like 6 months, anyway...

When i just stopped taking accutane i had like 3 little white head and last week i had a bump on my cheek that quickly went away. That's it. Not bad. And my oil has been a little bit above normal consid...

Help: Summer Sun

Posted by elysemcmenamin in Elyse McMenamin, 01 July 2015 · 57 views
acne, regimen, sunscreen, sunburn

As many of us do venture out into the sun in these hot summer months, the use of the regimen products can severely burn and damaged our skin; especially if you are active and tend to absorb the sun's harsh rays for 8 hours or more each day. Is any one aware of any helpful sunscreens that:
-Have an SPF 15+

Pimples On Top Of Eczema 😓

Posted by NewMember16 in inaboxingrinkwithacne , 30 June 2015 · 52 views
eczema, acne, treatments

As we all know acne can be hard enough . However some are also struggling with eczema . As I do myself I know its hard. I got a patch on my face so I applied hydrocortisone and this then gave me 4 pimples that ache as well as the eczema still being there and I use BENZOYL peroxide which shouldn't be used on eczema (can't understand why my doctor gave...


Posted by Lostinwords in Lostinwords' Blog, 29 June 2015 · 74 views
monday feeling, monday, feelings and 5 more...

Monday! It's Monday! So let's enjoy it! We are alive! It's a new day! It's a new life forrrrrr meeee and I'm feeling good!!!!!! Sorry! Going off topic! Anyways come on guys let's embrace the amazingness which is Monday! Let's create a new name for Monday let's make it Monday Fun day! Yes a little cheesy I know but still it gets the point across right?! No serious...

A Good Day

Posted by appenyere in My Accutane Experience with back acne, 28 June 2015 · 79 views
bacne, back acne, back acne scars and 3 more...

Today I decided to take my dog out on a walk at a trail near my house. Today was also the day that I wore a tank top in public for probably the first time in my life. It was liberating, but still terrifying for me. I'm still incredibly insecure of the scarring I have on my shoulders, but I am slowly starting to realize that it isn't that big of a deal to...

Week 10 - Stressing

Posted by Mels23 in Mels23's Blog, 28 June 2015 · 86 views

I've finished 10 weeks of Ziana, and unfortunately, absolutely NOTHING has changed. I'm still going to use it until I've done 4 months, but the fact that I haven't seen any changes at all is really disappointing. At the moment I'm having a bad breakout since I just started my period, but honestly it's not all that different than what I normally experience...

Day 6 Post 25% Tca Peel 06.26.15]

Posted by mr. matt in 25% TCA Blog #6, 26 June 2015 · 100 views

Day 6 Post 25% Tca Peel 06.26.15] Today is day six after my 25% TCA Peel.

I have a red streak over my right eye brow from the peel and I got the same thing last year.  Must be an area which is very sensitive to chemical burns.

I went out of the house today with an SPF 50 sunscreen on my face and burn ointment over my right eyebrow.

My face is a slight pink color and my skin looks...

Cycle 2 - 2Nd Update

Posted by maplesyrupmama in maplesyrupmama's Blog, 24 June 2015 · 79 views

So...I started breaking out again about a week and half ago, so approximately 6 weeks after finishing the course of antibiotics.  Urgh! What gives?

I had a small cluster of cystic-type acne on the left side of my chin (always the left side!) and one under my left nostril.  The cluster is healing now (but still red and lumpy) and the one under m...

Weeks 1 Through 3

Posted by ScarletBegonias in Accutane Diary, 22 June 2015 · 94 views
accutane, zenatane, drinking and 3 more...

I've never been one to blog but felt compelled to share my experience on Accutane after reading countless blogs and reviews from others. I feel that other people's stories about being on Accutane has helped me enormously during my own experience with it thus far so I feel it is my duty as a fellow acne suffer to share my story in hopes of helping others w...

Day 3 & Day 4 (The Weekend)

Posted by Luna1990 in No Acne Picking Challenge, 21 June 2015 · 94 views


Good news is: I have not picked on my face, and have completely avoided the mirror. I wash my face, brush my teeth and run out of the bathroom. 4 days of completely avoiding the mirror. 
Bad news is: I have picked a lot on my chestal area! I've killed it! Especially yesterday, which was the third day of the challenge. 

Very very bad!...

Accutane (Second Course) Day 38

Posted by MollDoll in Accutane Experience, 20 June 2015 · 110 views
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Hey hey

So another week has passed. I was breaking out like crazy at the start of the week. I have seemed to have cleared up a bit now. I haven't had a new pimple for two days.

I woke up with dry peeling skin on my nose which hasn't happened before and my body is dry all over.
I've also had a really dry inner nostril that I'm pretty sure is scabbed ove...

My Story With Acne

Posted by BJSantos in BJSantos' Blog, 19 June 2015 · 70 views
acne story, acne, teen acne, teen

So where do I start? Hopefully not with the whole puberty talk but just the acne problem that comes with it should do (chuckle). When I was in grade 5 about 11 I got my first zit on my nose. I didn't know until then but that was a pustule where there was a red inflamed look to it. Of course no one in my class was use to it so they called me rudoph the red...

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