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Accutane Month 5

Posted by runner7891 in runner7891's Blog, 20 August 2014 · 13 views
accutane, isotretinoin, 40 mg bid

Accutane Month 5 Month 5 on Accutane (Isotretinoin) and my skin continues to clear up. Same results as I have posted before and continuing to improve. Only side effect that is new is dry eyes. My eyes get dry and then bloodshot, but I simply use eye drops to fix this problem. Hoping the dry eye thing gets better once I'm done (fingers crossed). Only one more month to go.....

Proactiv Stopped Working

Posted by rfowke in I don't know what to do..., 20 August 2014 · 19 views

Hey guys, I'm almost nineteen and have had acne since seventh grade. The summer before eighth grade I went to a dermatologist and was given a couple of topical creams and oral meds, and those cleared my skin up but made it very red with extremely dry and oily patches. Then the meds stopped working altogether the summer before my junior year of high school...


Posted by Rick32 in Final Destination, 20 August 2014 · 14 views

I was a member of this site years ago, but couldn't figure out how to use my old username. I guess there is nothing wrong with a fresh start, but nothing has changed since the last time I logged on to this site. My face still acts up and the scarring just keeps getting worse. I've come to a point in my life where I have given up all hope. I'm not really a...

Any One Livs In Minneapolis And Has A Good Derm..

Posted by hope27 in hope27's Blog, 19 August 2014 · 16 views

ok I have a derm .. the problem is that she wont put me on Accutane . she does not prescribe it. what the hell. what derm wont prescribe it..      mad ... sad ... depressed... im allergic to anti biotics... creams really don't do much .....  need help ....

Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%)

Posted by Gorge M in Gorge M's Blog, 19 August 2014 · 15 views

This is my 9th day using the Regimen, and I put 2 pumps of treatment in my face, twice a day, my face kinda burns a little, when I put the moisturizer, the burn goes away, 
Anybody else has this issue?

Day 19. Ziana And Aczone.

Posted by kayywink in kayywink's Blog, 19 August 2014 · 26 views
ziana gel, aczone

I'm 90 percent sure my skin is purging. Lots of active little pimples on my chin and a couple on the left side of my face. I expected a purging period since my skin hates me, ha. It is only the beginning of my third week with these medications so I'm hoping it'll start to get better next week when I hit the one month mark. Especially since I start school...

Paula's Choice And Sulfur Ointment Update

Posted by kimintie in kimintie's blog, 19 August 2014 · 17 views

So it has now been 12 days since I have started using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid and De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment. Here are my thoughts so far on the individual products:
Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid
I'm still not sure how I feel about this product. The good news is: my closed comedones (what I was trying to eradicate by buying this product in the...

Pictures! Pictures! 110 Days Tretinion/clindamycin

Posted by Beautyandblemishes in Beautyandblemishes' Blog, 18 August 2014 · 34 views

      Hey there Beautiful People,   so I promised a few pictures of my updated skin for all to see.  I put together a few collages so you all can see the stages my skin has went through, with the process on both my topicals "Tretinion/Clindamycin" the last photos in each collage represents my skin as of today 8-18-2014.  Like...

Today Is The Day!

Posted by iCanDream in When Freedom Seems So Far, 18 August 2014 · 26 views

Alright, ladies and gentleman!
I finally, FINALLY, picked up my box of Isotretinoin 40mg (Myorisan) pills!
I have not taken the pill yet, but I will very very soon.

I've already bought the Cetaphil, the Clerave, the Aquaphor, the foundation, the sunscreen, everything.  I am so ready to jump on this journey.
I probably won't tell you how the first da...

Why Do We Go Through The Tough Times?

Posted by leelowe1 in Letting Go and Letting God, 17 August 2014 · 42 views

I have gotten to a point in my life where i don't feel the need to always question God for the things that happen to me.  It just becomes a part of life.  It doesn't make it any easier to go through these things none the less.  My acne for instance.  16 years and counting - the embarrassment, the struggle, the explaining to people what...

One Week On Update - Great Results!

Posted by littlestarinthesky in Curing Cystic Acne Before Accutane, 17 August 2014 · 37 views
cystic acne, saw palmetto, zinc and 2 more...

I have been following my regime religiously for a week now and my skin is looking fantastic! I honestly cannot believe the difference in a week. Not only is it looking much better but the biggest difference is how it feels - calmer, no painful cysts and it looks the best it has for months. I actually smiled looking in the mirror this morning.

I Feel Like Crap.

Posted by GirlMeetsAcne in GirlMeetsAcne's Blog, 16 August 2014 · 52 views

I feel like crap. Pimples. I don't like. Cysts I hate. Going to school with both these b----- makes me want to schoot myself. Looking in the mirror sucks. But whatever. I just get down sometimes to the point where it's too hard to get back up. PEOPLE LOVE TO STARE. It's hard to cover them up with makeup....Advice? Any tips on how you got through it. Thank...

Overview.. Accutane And Regimen?

Posted by Lau26 in Lau26's Blog, 16 August 2014 · 42 views
acne, accutane, regimen, help

Ok so I'll try and give you a quick overview of my acne history. I'm 22 years old and I have been suffering from acne for about 10 years now. I have tried everything that has been available to me, prescribed drugs, creams, cleansers etc. I also suffer with HS.

The last few years I had accepted who I am and how I look. Actually leaving the house without f...

Help For Moderate Red Acne

Basically I woke up few days ago and I realised I broke out in more spots just when I Thot my moderate acne got better ...:( I basically had a viral infection and I took a tablet called omezeprole or something to help calm the viral down but I didn't know it would make me breakout ..... And I used differin gel before and that was going well and then like...

10 Simple Home Remedies To Get Fair Skin Naturally

Posted by Sophestwart in Sophestwart's Blog, 14 August 2014 · 64 views
get fair skin naturally and 4 more...

10 Simple Home Remedies to Get Fair Skin Naturally
1. Lemon

Lemon juice has antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. It can work wonders on your skin. It helps to reduce the dark spots and blemishes. It is the best natural remedy for skin care. Rub fresh lemon juice over your...

I Want To Take Accutane

Posted by millworm6 in Millas acne, 13 August 2014 · 99 views

I Want To Take Accutane I'm 15 now and I've had acne for  years. The acne is on and off. Sometimes I have it on my back but not on my face and other times I'll have it on my chest and back. It's just crazy and random. I've tried all creams and prescriptions that my dermo has recommended to me and have bought so many face washes from my local store. I've tried everything and noth...

Accutane ( Day 15)

Posted by stone cold 71 in stone cold 71's Blog Accutane, 13 August 2014 · 39 views
accutane, side effects, week 2

I am now on day 15 of my accutane course . I would say that my acne was moderate severe before starting and I had chest acne with scars. So far, my face has tremendously been clearing quite rapidly and I think this is due to me using tretinoin cream .1% about a month before accutane which I believe helped avoid an initial breakout on my face. As for my bo...

The Regimen!

Posted by fourteen in fourteen's Blog, 12 August 2014 · 57 views

The Regimen! Yay!! It s finally here. Just ordered it 2 week's back, and now it's here in my hands! Super excited with the new look of it too. Thanks Acne.org for the efficient service.

What Worked For Your Acne?

Posted by Vee30 in Vee30's Blog, 12 August 2014 · 68 views

so I know we've all heard of the HOME REMIDIES (tooth paste, honey, banana peel etc..) ,CLEANSERS, ONLINE PRODUCTS, SOAPS etc.... my question is what cleasers worked for you? what home remedies worked for you? online products? or if any soaps did? Accutane is great but however I am breaking out a lil still...I don't really want to get back on Accutan...

Day 21 Differin

Posted by olivt in Differin for Mild Acne, 12 August 2014 · 41 views
differin, differin 0.3, mild and 2 more...

So I checked the calendar and I was farther into the Differin process than I had thought. Yay, I guess? I'm just finishing Week 3 today and I am clearly either beginning or getting through this initial breakout period. Today my face looks much better. I think it may have been irritated a bit yesterday from the AHA/BHA scrub my derm wants me to use during...

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