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Accutane Day 8

Posted by Mitch P, 18 August 2013 · 746 views

Accutane Day 8 Ok so here are some pics of the first 8 days of Accutane for me. I have really dry lips, but that is ok, I just us Aquaphor for that. I haven't noticed HUGE results yet, but my face has looked better than it has looked in many months. I just went back to school in Missouri from Colorado, so hopefully the humidity doesn't slow my progress or make me digres...

Beginning Accutane Finally!

Posted by Mitch P, 31 July 2013 · 389 views

Starting Tuesday I will be starting Accutane (hopefully, if the insurance comes through). I'll keep the results updated. Any tips while on it?

What To Do For A Weekend Camping

Posted by Mitch P, 24 July 2013 · 317 views

This weekend I'm going on a fishing/camping trip where I won't really have the ability to keep on the routine I'm on. Will this be beneficial for my face, to kind of give it a break? Or is it a bad idea to stop what I'm doing and go natural for a couple days?

A Woman's Opinion Please?

Posted by Mitch P, 21 July 2013 · 627 views

A Woman's Opinion Please? Calling all women out there, I have moderate acne and am pushing 20 years old soon. I want to date a certain girl, but would it be better to wait till my face clears up? By then it might be too late cause who knows how long that will take! Would you be willing to overlook some acne if it would be a great relationship? Post any thoughts please.