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My Accutane Journey

Acne Rant - Accutane Day 81

Posted by Mrs RK, 28 July 2013 · 1,218 views
accutane, 40 mg, scars, makeup
I just need to post a bit to get it off my chest - the scars on my face are driving me MAD!!!!!!!! I just had to do my makeup outside, in sunny, natural light, where I NEVER look at my skin too closely, and I want to shrivel up and die.  Honestly, I don't even do my makeup much anymore because it's somehow less depressing, if that makes sen...

Accutane Day 75

Posted by Mrs RK, 22 July 2013 · 879 views
accutane, 40 mg, anemia, iron and 2 more...
Hello internet,  I guess today I am halfway through month 3 . There were a few days last week when I had no actives, but then I got two, one on each cheek :( I have been really good at leaving them alone though, so right now they are just red marks, healing. If it weren't for that, I would have no actives. Just a lot of scars and redness. So I'm...

Accutane Day 51

Posted by Mrs RK, 28 June 2013 · 1,185 views
accutane, 30 mg, caribbean and 7 more...
I haven't been able to write for a while as I was on vacation.  I bumped my dosage up to 30 mg  for the second month, so I have been on that for about 20 days now.  I will be seeing my dermatologist next week and I want to go up to 60 mg  a day, which would be about my max, and would mean I could finish my cumulative dose by October. I...

Day 22

Posted by Mrs RK, 30 May 2013 · 878 views
accutane, hyperpigmentation and 4 more...
Hey! (If there's anyone actually reading this!) Thanks for the comment Tristan , you must be so excited to start your treatment. I am really lucky, I got to start the day after seeing the derm. I did a pregnancy test and all my blood tests 15 minutes after seeing him, and within an hour I was out the door with my prescription! Don't have to deal with...

Accutane Day 11

Posted by Mrs RK, 19 May 2013 · 833 views

Hey all http://www.acne.org/...fault/smile.png  This is my first time posting on acne.org, but I have been obsessively reading the forums for a while now.  Brief skin history:   - I am 23 , and I have never had any major skin problems until this year. I never had perfect skin, bumpy forehead, so...

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