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Hyper Pigmentation

Posted by S davina, 19 June 2013 · 591 views

Not only do we have acne, but we have these fucking red marks that stay on our faces after the acne is gone. My face would look much less severe if all my spots had dissapeared. To people who know noting about acne, hyper pigmentation looks like acne. Anyway I'm fucking pissed off and tired of looking at my face like this. My cheeks got sooo bad over the...

Something Interesting

Posted by S davina, 13 June 2013 · 561 views

Okay so I'll just start from the beginning. It's been a couple of months that both my ears are clogged up. About 2 months ago I had an ear infection, I went to the doctor and he looked in my ears and said they were so blocked he couldn't see the infection. He gave me anti biotics and said after 10 days of use go get your ears syringed. I took my anti biot...


Posted by S davina, 10 June 2013 · 520 views

So far topical treatments haven't been working. I'm breaking out on my cheeks now as well. They are healing but very very slowly... Today I picked up some Vitamin a and zinc supplements. I will update every week on how it's affecting my skin. I'm still using sulfar based products on my face. So maybe adding the supplements in my regime will help. Has anyo...

How I Feel.

Posted by S davina, 03 June 2013 · 594 views

You'd think by 2013 they'd come out with something that's actually affective? Battling acne is the hardest thing I've had to go through. It's like being at war with your own body and you are constantly losing the fight. I've had acne since I was 11 or 12 and it's never really left my side. Sometimes it calms down for a while but then it's right back to wh...


Posted by S davina, 29 May 2013 · 492 views

Spots leave and 3 more pop up. I'm really getting fed up, I guess this treatment isn't doing anything. I don't understand where this breakout came from but now it won't leave and I'm getting acne everywhere. Usually a pimple will go down in a week but for some reason these pimples are taking a few weeks just to shrink down and size and once they are gone...


Posted by S davina, 23 May 2013 · 470 views

Anybody get results from organic foods? My derm suggested it and I bought a few things because the grocery stores really don't offer much. I'm starting to eat fruit every morning with either a boiled egg or organic peanut butter on toast or bagel. I'm not really crazy about milk so I'm not at a loss with that but I'm definitely a lover of cheese which I w...


Posted by S davina, 21 May 2013 · 396 views

Broke out with about 6 new pimples. Big ones. And totally my fault, left my makeup on at night for 2 nights. Hopefully they heal this week. I don't know what i was thinking... But that won't happen again!


Posted by S davina, 16 May 2013 · 564 views

It's been about a week using the new products. Skin is improving but very slowly because the outbreak was so bad. The cysts aren't shrinking yet but I already know what will take a few weeks. I keep getting white heads in the same spots, I've extracted a few and they seem to fill up again. I guess I'll see some real changes in the next 2 weeks. Ill keep u...


Posted by S davina, 13 May 2013 · 600 views

Question for my ladies! What foundation do you use? I need to buy a foundation that is aimed more towards acne prone skin. Any suggestions?    Thanks :)

Mixed Feelings

Posted by S davina, 12 May 2013 · 569 views

The process is slow..I shouldn't of expected a miracle.. I don't know I feel sad because tomorrow's my last day off and then im back to work.. I know the make up wont do my skin any good but there's no way I can go out without it. The clusters on my chin and on the sides of my chin are taking the longest to heal.. I guess because they were the worst spots...

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