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From the Inside Out

It's Hard

Posted by Peaches0042, 09 August 2013 · 573 views

I truly believe I finally know what gives me acne.  I've spent years and years researching and learning, and now I feel I have the toosl I need to overcome this monster.  It's so hard though, probably the hardest cure I could discover because it means giving up so much food that I love.  and I'm such a big food lover!!I become addicted to s...

This Is It

Posted by Peaches0042, 05 August 2013 · 477 views

I know how to be clear. For me, it's all about avoiding dairy and maintaining a low glycemic diet. I'm including lots of fruits and veggies into my diet as well as supplementing with cod liver oil, the expensive fermented kind from green pastures. Today is day one. I'm tires of this. I now know how to control my acne. Now it's only a matter of self control.

Week 6

Posted by Peaches0042, 22 May 2013 · 626 views

My cruise was amazing and my skin was just as great! I was clear the entire time. However, I do have some slightly scary news. I had dairy on the cruise, every day, and never broke out. I'm reeeally hoping my skin clearing isn't actually the BC finally kicking in because I've completely stopped it now. But now that I'm back home I'm back to my no dai...

Week 4

Posted by Peaches0042, 06 May 2013 · 661 views

Whaat?! It's been a month since starting my new regimen? That's amazing ha. So, for a quick update, skin is looking great!  I'm clear today!  For a deeper look, read along... I have been completely milk, cheese, yogurt (any direct dairy) free for 4 weeks. Ok, I've had a few slip ups and almost every time, the very next day I have...

Week 3

Posted by Peaches0042, 29 April 2013 · 517 views

I applied heat to that cyst on and off on saturday and by the end of the day it came to a head! A lot of heat, I've found, is the best solution for a cyst. So I popped and cleaned it and it was a little smaller by the next day when I was able to pop it again. Today, it's smaller still but red. I did have some cheese dip on Saturday, but not too much, and...

No Dairy But Junk Food

Posted by Peaches0042, 27 April 2013 · 561 views

It's Saturday and I woke up with a small cyst on my right cheek, close to the one that's just finishing healing. Yesterday I didn't have any dairy but I did have a significant amount of junk food. My hubby and I went to the movies and I got a corn dog, dots and a root beer and ate everything haha. Other than that I had homemade spice muffins for breakfast...

Halfway Through Week Two

Posted by Peaches0042, 24 April 2013 · 617 views
dairy, free, diet
So I posted about how my weekend binge sent me into a breakout. After that day I had one more pimple barely begin to form and it was zapped with a little acne medicine (which is rare lol). I also popped and cleaned/treated the biggest zit I got on my left cheek. I did that last night and it looks much better this morning. I have been dairy free, once...

Week 2

Posted by Peaches0042, 22 April 2013 · 423 views

I am so weak lol. I had dairy over the weekend. I had a half cup of ice cream on friday. No change. I had chicken parmesan on Saturday. Small breakout on my chin (two small pimples, no cysts). Sunday...whew...I was bad. I had pizza and a milkshake not to mention a few cookies : /.  This morning: Small breakout on my left cheek and definite increase i...

No Dairy/sugar Day 4

Posted by Peaches0042, 18 April 2013 · 534 views

Here's my routine for anyone who cares: Morning:Simply rinse with cold waterApply small amount of foundation/concealer to red areas, pimplesDrink a 16 oz breakfast shake made with:     -strawberries     -banana     -flaxseed     -almond milk     -spina...

Week 1. Day 3

Posted by Peaches0042, 17 April 2013 · 523 views

From all my experimenting with acne and skin solutions, I've determined ONE thing: my acne is homronal. I think there are few cases where acne is caused by topical issues (bad exfoliation, allergic reactions, makeup etc), however I'd say most acne does have a hormonal foundation. I don't believe I have a legit hormonal disorder (think PCOC), I simply...

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