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An Acne Journey

About One Week In

Posted by omgitsacait, 07 April 2013 · 646 views
regimen, one week update
Hullo Acne.org Community. So today marks my (estimated) one week follow-up!  Yay! The dryness issue was getting pretty bad, especially around my temples, but adding the jojoba oil really helped both with the dryness and with applying makeup to cover up redness. To be totally honest, my skin was looking better.  I got stressed out...

Starting The Regimen! Oh Boy!

Posted by omgitsacait, 01 April 2013 · 530 views

So...I don't know how people even find these things or if anyone will read it, but whatever, here goes nothing. My skin is currently just...revolting.  It looks just terrible and makeup doesn't really go very far towards covering it up.  Whatever coverage I do manage to get is usually completely gone by the end of the day.  This has be...

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