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The Miracle Of Zinc Oxide

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 13 January 2013 · 1,603 views

it soothes my skin
it gets rid of redness
it gets rid of irritation
it stops pimples in their tracks
it stops pimples from getting any larger
i eventually will stop pimples from even appearing
the american derma association says that it decreases oil production
this will not cure your acne but it should be on your arsenal of weapons against acne
i apply it...

Zinc Oxide Working Well

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 31 December 2012 · 845 views

it has been 9 days since i started using zinc oxide. i am 90% clear and looking a lot better. i apply it at night and it dries out any pimples i have within two nights and prevents them from coming back. i recomnd it to anyone with acne.

My Cure: Zinc Oxide

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 22 December 2012 · 3,123 views

zinc oxide is really good for acne. you can buy it in sudocrem and its in diaper rash cream. its basically like a secret acne remedy. it was shown to be as effective as bp over a two month period but didn't cause the redness and dryness. also the american dermatology association said that it decreases...

Zinc Has Cleared Me

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 08 December 2012 · 860 views

two words: use zinc. duhhh it works heres a proof: http://archderm.jama...rticleid=536705

just buy some zinc and take about 60 mg it will most likely clear you 100% and then later you have to go down to 45 or 30 because it can cause anemia if you take it too long or take iron to offset it.

Probiotic Topical Is Clearing Me Up!

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 03 December 2012 · 1,465 views

my reuteri probiotic topical is working after only 1 week. i take a reuteri pill and open it and mix with water then put it on my face before bed. I have noticed a dramatic reduction in oiliness of skin, new acne, and redness! the topical also zaps zits by the morning and is working beautifully. i beleive it is due to this study:


Reuteri, Linoleic Acid

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 01 December 2012 · 791 views

i have found some interesting stuff. linoleic acid may work for acne. it is in primrose oil. i have started taking lactobacillus reuteri, 4000mg evening primrose oil a day, and applying lactobacillus acidophilus along with evening primrose oil topically. do the research on these things. heres a sorta random summary: linoleic acid drecreases sebum by 50%...

Is Primrose Oil The Cure To Acne?

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 25 November 2012 · 1,567 views

maybe. the main component of primrose oil is linoleic acid. look up the studies that have been done on linoleic and acne. type linoleic acid ncbi in google and you should find it. what it has done is lower sebum production by 50% over one month as well as decrease size of microderms (basically the little oil things in pores) by 25% over a 1 month period. It...

I Found The Cure To Acne

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 11 November 2012 · 1,004 views

...and it was there all along
hi. im going clear everyone's acne who reads this blog. your acne will be cleared.

recently i did more research. i found some interesting stuff. go to google and type in "huffington post acne milk sugar" click on the first link.
read it and be amazed!
go back to google and type in "australian womens...

I Finally Cleared My Acne. Here's How:

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 21 October 2012 · 905 views

this is all i did: 500mg evening primrose oil twice a day!
1 honey mask for 1 hour a day

the primrose oil reduces oil production (no! i have no scientific...

Day 2

Posted by Acnegoaway54, 03 October 2012 · 629 views

acne is getting better. ive been using lemon juice to try to reduce the scars but it seems to make my skin inflamed and red so I may have to decrease the concentration. everything looks better. no new pimples after abstaining from masturbation for 2 days but ill have to wait longer to see some true results. im going to go about 3 weeks or something...

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