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Pics Of What's Bothering Me.

Posted by MissSac17, 10 July 2014 · 103 views

Pics Of What's Bothering Me. Its the bumpyness of my skin that gets me the most. I did not have all this shit a few months ago when my skin was clearer. I just don't know what I'm doing that's causing them also what to do to get rid of them.


Posted by MissSac17, 07 July 2014 · 70 views
cod liver oil depression
Oh man, I hate life right now. Usually I always say a mantra to myself too, which is "Life loves Me". Which, I know, deep down Life does actually love me. So much. 
But right now I am not open to this love since my endless, restless mind only feels that this "love" is most favourable in a physical form - CLEAR skin. 
I am seriously...

Square One?! Please No.

Posted by MissSac17, 29 June 2014 · 126 views

Hey there so I want to talk to you about ny current shit situation.

So I was clear around Jan/Feb time. My routine was:

morning - Environ Sebuwash
                   Obagi theraputic moisturiser
                   Heliocare SPF 50

night -        Obagi 2% salicylic acid cleanser
                   Obagi 5% BP
                    Moisturiser again.


Why The Hell Am I Sooo Blessed To Have Shit Skin?

Posted by MissSac17, 25 December 2012 · 1,152 views
christmas, depressed, milk and 2 more...
Just feeling like shit over my skin, it looks worse today...MUCH worse than last week or my previous pics. I have tiny spots all round my eye area and a few hard pustule/crusty type things on my chin with a myrad of tiny inflammed lumps around my chin too. The PIH on my foerhead also is much redder and around my cheeks for that matter.

I am on...

Im Getting Annoyed.

Posted by MissSac17, 13 December 2012 · 459 views
rant, digestion, cleanse
I need to express my feelings. I keep most of the shit inside so my only ways of expressing is by writing in my diary or typing.

I seem to be getting really annoyed. Recently, I have been researching like a mad woman, honestly. Ive been reaserching endlessley ENDLESSLEY about how the gut affects our digestive system and how THAT affects our skin and...

December 10Th 2012

Posted by MissSac17, 10 December 2012 · 318 views
acne, vitex, cod liver, depressed and 1 more...
I wanted to blog and post about my moods. For the past couple months especially, I have felt increasingly low..and I mean low. There seems to be a pattern though. Since my period came back in April they have been irregular (obviously). My body has not yet regulated itself and I notice the past few months anyway that they have been 2 and a half weeks late....

Update - Routine - 28/11

Posted by MissSac17, 28 November 2012 · 448 views
azelaic acid, differin, tea tree and 6 more...
I haven't typed in my blog in a while and felt it deserved a wee update.

I have stopped using Azelaic acid, I stopped it about a month ago now actually, to be totally honest Im not really sure what it did for me. It did decrease the redness of my acne a little bit and made some of my spots smaller. Now looking back on it though and looking at some...

Day 32 With New Treatment

Posted by MissSac17, 23 September 2012 · 316 views

I wanted to update my wee blog, its been a while! I have been busy recently with starting college and going on holiday. I went to Aviemore for a week just there, Aviemore is a place further up North in Scotland, it is freezing as you can imagine. It was good though, I enjoyed it.

College is going well too, it is ALOT to take in though.

As for my...

Day 15 With New Treatment

Posted by MissSac17, 06 September 2012 · 376 views
azelaic acid, milk, hate, redness and 3 more...
Hey guys, how are you all today? I feel a little frustrated with myself, but its not because of my skin just chemistry...I am so not understanding it at all. I hope I start to get to grips with it soon though.

Apart from that Im okay I guess. I felt quite down about my skin at the beginning of the week, you know I guess we all get like that...

Day 7 With New Treatment

Posted by MissSac17, 29 August 2012 · 366 views

Good afternoon! The weather is terrible in Scotland at the moment, like dreadfully terrible. It put me right off my morning walk I was going to do, so I did some yoga instead.

In terms of my treatment, Im still using the Azelaic Acid cream. Although, I have stopped using the cleanser that I was using as I felt it made my skin worse, I did only use it...

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