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Whilst on accutane

Tag 33: I'm Maniacal

Posted by jonathanc, 21 June 2012 · 323 views

When I went to pick up my second month's worth of accutane two nights ago, I discovered that the prescription hadn't been sent properly. Instead of the 70 mg intended, only 30 mg had been written in. The pharmacy needed to send in for correction through godawful facsimile.

It wasn't until the next...

Tag Einundzwanzig

Posted by jonathanc, 09 June 2012 · 332 views

21st day.

Not much has happened since my last post. My skin breaks out rather infrequently and that's about it. My skin's quite dry, although this is nothing a bit of cream cannot fix.

Still not feeling any sort of fatigue or joint irritation, nor any dizziness. The latter...

Jour Cinq: Incredibly Quick Changes

Posted by jonathanc, 25 May 2012 · 372 views

Today was my fifth day on isotretinoin.

I complained several days ago about having broken out madly, though since, these flareups have completely died down. Now, my skin is very dry, my lips are cracking rather a lot, and I'm breaking out almost not at all. The redness is also beginning to turn from this...

Day Two

Posted by jonathanc, 22 May 2012 · 341 views

It is unlikely I will write posts with such frequency in the future, but for now I am.

Today is my second day on isotretinoin. Already, my face has blossomed into a brightly coloured patchwork of youth and joviality - of course, indirectly, as they are implied by the horrid state of my acne! Nothing has...

Day One

Posted by jonathanc, 20 May 2012 · 394 views

Not five minutes ago I took my first couple of pills of isotretinoin (and forsooth, how innocuous are these, which hold the key to clear skin!). Needless to say, I'm excited. In fact, so excited that I had butterflies in my stomach for a moment. Silly, when this will be a many-month episode.

Although I had no doubt about hopping...

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