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Day 32 On Accutane

Posted by cassrose, 28 April 2012 · 486 views


Well day 32 and had just been back to my GP for bloods and what I thought was going up to 30 or 40mg. My blood work was fine but I have developed eczema on my body and had 1 really bad weepy patch on my cheek (very very gross) so the doctor prescribed me some more cream to try and get it under control and she has left me on 20mg. It upset me a wee bit...

Day 17

Posted by cassrose, 12 April 2012 · 208 views

So am now half way through week 2. Headaches and body aches are gone :-)

I have been drinking about 2lts of water a day, compared to my normal of none and am feeling good about that. In regards to my skin, one side has been looking better and smoother, the other side has a large pimple that is slowly drying out and have had 2 more little pimples pop up. I...

End Of First Week On Accutane

Posted by cassrose, 04 April 2012 · 382 views

Hey guys,

So today I had my 8th accutane pill. I am also taking antibiotics morning and night to try and stop some of the breakout that is bound to happen. I am taking a low dosage of 20mg in the first month (I weigh 50kg) and am going up to 30mg after that, or maybe 40 depending on how I am going. So with that I'll be on tane for around 8 months in...

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