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Journey to Clear Skin

Minocycline 100Mg & Birth Control

Posted by teahbaby, 29 November 2012 · 961 views

So I went to the doctors yesterday and told her I felt like the 50mg twice a day was not doing much. She said she could up the dose to 100mg twice a day and i'm kinda of nervous. I've read alot of thing about antibiotics working then once your off them it stops. I dont wanna get clear skin for a month then have it all come back. I'm also using...

Minocycline 50 Mg

Posted by teahbaby, 13 November 2012 · 1,972 views

Hey everyone! I know its been forever since I posted but it's only because I've stopped obsessing over my face! thank god, such a horrible stage i went through! I just wanted to update the changes I've made in my daily regimen. hopefully it can helps others who has hormonal acne like myself!

Go to the doctor!!! I...

Simple Products & Their Wonders!

Posted by teahbaby, 27 June 2012 · 556 views

So once again i'm back to post to update what I've been doing differently!

First off, I stopped using Cetaphil. I felt like it was more just sitting on my face then actually cleansing. I also used it in the shower in the morning so that may have caused that. But it wasn't keeping my skin clear at all. I still got pimples on my jaw line and...

New Regimen, New Results!

Posted by teahbaby, 16 May 2012 · 529 views

So I havent posted in forever, sorry :( I realized I was becoming obsessive over my acne and worrying so much about it that it was causing more stress and even more break outs! I still havent found a cure but I have found some things out. Maybe they can help you too :)

AS for drinks and food. Ugh! hardest part for me because I love soda and my...


Posted by teahbaby, 10 February 2012 · 1,647 views

So I decided to stop the current cleansers I have been on, which are cetaphil and burts bees. The reason I stopped using cetaphil was because i noticed i was developing small flesh colored bumps on my face that I never had before. It also felt to liquidy to even lather in your hands and I never saw suds no matter how long lathered it. AS for the burt's...

My Regimen, Need Help Adjusting?!

Posted by teahbaby, 02 February 2012 · 277 views

So I posted a blog before posting pictures to show you where my acne is on my face. But to start off I'll give you a background on me and my acne..

I'm 21, female. Got my initial first breakout around 2 and a half months ago. and since then i've had acne active and it's getting worse and worse. My acne is mainly located on my cheeks,...

You Tell Me How Bad It Is!

Posted by teahbaby, 22 January 2012 · 295 views

so this is my first time posting pictures. i've always been too embarassed. as you can see my acne is mainly on my cheeks, jawline, and chin... maybe some of you can help me out to see what i'm doing wrong!


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