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Day 36...trying to find patience.

Posted by caitbethmatch, 02 June 2008 · 207 views

I just read something about having trouble getting earrings in while on accutane. Well, this has happened to me as well. Weird! I'm still working on the crack on the right side of my mouth. It's not severe though. I still get little pimples from time to time and they stick out because they are red and the rest of me is basically clear. My forehead is really smoothe today. I think the blackheads that were there are gone. But I still have some on my nose and chin and who knows where else. My scars have faded, but they're still there and that's what's hard to deal with. I don't want to get a chemical peel when this is all done and over because I saw one done on tv the other day and for a week (after getting one) she looked quite scary.

Anyway I won't update much unless something happens, because right now I'm just coasting along.

if you get several lighter chemical peels, it doesn't make your skin look as nasty as you probably saw. but i think it takes quite a few treatments. i had some before and it dried out my skin but it did help with the scars, but i still have acne. i don't know many better ways to treat scars though
i think it also depends on what kind of scar. like if they're the ice-pick ones, then botox or whatever other kind of injections would probably be the best. otherwise, i've heard microdermabrasion also is good for mild scars, but can be quite expensive. at most spas, you can schedule an appointment with a licensed esthetician for a free consultation on how to treat your scars. they can look at you and give a recommendation and a price quote based on your skin and acne history.

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