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5.5 Months Post Accutane

Posted by caitbethmatch, 13 January 2013 · 411 views

Still clear for the most part. Still have same stuff as my last entry, some clogged pores, blackheads, but it's whatever. I haven't had one legit pimple, or anything close. I haven't really been following a regimen or skincare routine (I probably should be). For the most part I've just been washing my face with one of 3 soaps: My all natural oatmeal and honey soap, cetaphil, or my 5% BP soap. And then I will follow with a moisturizer. Nothing special. I know I should be using bio oil or the cocoa butter oil every night for scarring, but I haven't been. My scars still annoy me, but I am still grateful for the results and my face has a nice glow.

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