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3.5 Almost 4 Months Post Accutane

Posted by caitbethmatch, 24 November 2012 · 468 views

Quick update: No breakouts or blemishes since I've been off. ZERO pimples! I have some blackheads kinda between my eyes or a little higher and some clogged pores I guess around my nostrils, but it's manageable. I have started to slowly use a BP wash and a salicylic acid pad around on my blackheads at night time. Still moisturizing day and night. My scars seem to be getting a little better, or maybe I'm just getting used to them. But overall, I am very pleased with the results. I am going to keep a VERY close eye on my skin though because there's no way I can do a third cycle.

What you mean by scars?Real scars or pigmentation?
real scars unfortunately. if i only had hyperpigmentation i wouldn't complain haha

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