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Day 21 (Well, 21 Pills Down)

Posted by caitbethmatch, 22 March 2012 · 240 views

So while babysitting last night...in a matter of a couple hours I developed a big cystic pimple on the top left side of my cheek!!! It was deep and sensitive to the touch. So, before I went to bed I wanted to put something on it to keep it from getting bigger. I chose to use the proactiv refining sulfer mask and left it on all night. When I got up I was trying to gently wash it off the spot with a wet rag and it popped it or broke it and it started bleeding like crazy and there wasn't even any nasty stuff coming out, so...it may come back which is really annoying. But anyway, it looks TERRIBLE! It's reallllly red and large. It's like a huge welt. So, that definitely has me down. I also am getting a little pimple on the right side of my cheek which I also treated last night. I think this is happening because I am expecting my period at any time. Hopefully on my next period I won't have a breakout. Other than that things are going well. I tried a vitamin B-6 today (I think that's what it was?) to see if it will help keep my energy up. My hair is slowly drying out. I haven't washed it since Monday night I think? It's only slightly oily down by my ears.

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