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Caitlin's accutane journey.

Day 11

Posted by caitbethmatch, 08 May 2008 · 124 views

Symptoms: Dry lips. Cracked in the left corner. Hurts to open mouth-eating is difficult. Sensitive gums. Haven't been bleeding as much but feel sensitive when brushing teeth. A weak immune system. I've been sick for days. Sore throat, swollen glands, headaches, sharp stomach pains, runny nose. I never get sick so it's weird. Very little blood...

Day 8

Posted by caitbethmatch, 05 May 2008 · 113 views

Symptoms are kicking in. OK so...lips are..I don't know if dry is the right word. They just feel weird. They feel like I'm wearing lipgloss that I've had on for hours and hours. If anyone knows what I mean. They get that gross feeling like there's a film on them. I don't know..it's weird. To be honest though,...

Day 4-Completely worthless...don't read haha.

Posted by caitbethmatch, 01 May 2008 · 111 views

I'm starting to write these out of pure bordem I swear! Haha. No dry skin yet or lips! Yay! My skin looks better each morning I wake up. I haven't had dry eyes, but my sister told me today that I looked like I had been crying and I hadn't. So?? I don't know, maybe it has irritated my eyes and I...

Day 3-Everything is still going well!

Posted by caitbethmatch, 30 April 2008 · 134 views

Still no side effects. I haven't gotten any new pimples or anything. I've just been looking better each day. My face is getting paler though...probably because I haven't been tanning or in the sun much. I have been using an exfolient on my face. (I always have) because I'm addicted to it....

Procrastination. Day 2

Posted by caitbethmatch, 29 April 2008 · 131 views

Well....I guess this would be day two? I mean I take them at night so I wasn't sure how to count it, but I've only taken 2 pills so far so I will call it day 2.

Haven't noticed anything yet. Zip. Although I'm not shocked because 2 pills is nothing. I am...

So...I'm not very acne.org savvy hah.

Posted by caitbethmatch, 28 April 2008 · 157 views

Intro: So I discovered this site through Google (pretty much where I find everything) and really liked it. I'm not sure how often I will blog, but I will go ahead and tell you what my blogs will probably be like. I realize there will be people reading my blog out of bordem and well as...

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