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Caitlin's accutane journey.

Day 65

Posted by caitbethmatch, 01 July 2008 · 146 views

Things are getting better from the last blog I write! My skin is feeling really smooth and I put aquaphor on my dry patch and it's helping a lot! My nose hasn't been as sore. Tell you what I love it when I have a few days where I feel like I am looking good! They don't last long though. But I'm in my second month so hopefully by...

Day 55..rough spot

Posted by caitbethmatch, 21 June 2008 · 140 views

Things are not going so well. I have dry patches on my arms, and they are multiplying. They are pink so they show quite a bit. My nose is dry inside and out. I am getting dry skin on my face (this hasn't happened til now) and I also have a dry patch on my face!! NOT easy to cover with makeup!! The smallest things like this just knock my...

Day 51

Posted by caitbethmatch, 17 June 2008 · 119 views

My nose is really dry inside. In fact when I rub it I can tell how sore it is inside.

Whenever I sneeze I get this awful twinge in my back and it hurts bad. I know it's the accutane. Sneezing is no longer pleasurable. Haha.

I have 2 pimples right now. One I thought was a bite of some sort but since it seems dryish today I think it was just a stubborn...

Day 36...trying to find patience.

Posted by caitbethmatch, 02 June 2008 · 208 views

I just read something about having trouble getting earrings in while on accutane. Well, this has happened to me as well. Weird! I'm still working on the crack on the right side of my mouth. It's not severe though. I still get little pimples from time to time and they stick out because they are red and the rest of me is basically clear. My...

Day 33

Posted by caitbethmatch, 30 May 2008 · 109 views

Well, nothing is really happening. I have 2 lovely zits on my face. Um..blackheads are still there. I washed my hair on Sunday and I just now washed it again today (Friday) WHOA. And the thing is...it didn't need washed even in the slightest bit. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Although the other night when I took a shower I put a deep...

Day 28- things are looking up!

Posted by caitbethmatch, 25 May 2008 · 100 views

Anyone with a crack in their mouth or under their nose.....USE NEOSPORIN!!! I found some in our bathroom drawer and decided to dry it. Within a couple days I was almost completely healed. It's wonderful!!!!! I can open my mouth all the way now and it doesn't hurt at all and when I blow my nose it doesn't hurt...

Day 24...help???

Posted by caitbethmatch, 21 May 2008 · 149 views

Pimples are still popping up! I know that its normal, but its just so hard to look great one day and within the next couple days..not so great. The crack in my lip is healing slowly but surely. The crack under my nose is the exact same. My sister told me to try triple antibiotic cream but I couldn't find it in my parents bathroom and I know it's...

Day 20

Posted by caitbethmatch, 17 May 2008 · 124 views

Cedar point was amazing!!!! I went last May as well for my senior trip so I have been there 2 times now. I went with some of my brothers roommates and a few girls. Let me tell you, I had so much more fun with the guys. Guys are so much more laid back. The new coaster, the Maverick...was def my favorite!!

My skin looks good...

Day 18..looking for some advice.

Posted by caitbethmatch, 15 May 2008 · 136 views

Nothing much to report. Although my sore throat isn't going away for good. Yesterday it didn't bother me but today it's back again! My mom wants me to go to the doctor, but I don't want to. The gland under my jawline is swollen again too. Everything flares up every few days. My gums are ok again, but within a few days they will probably...

Day 16

Posted by caitbethmatch, 13 May 2008 · 131 views

Everything sucks!!!!! UGHHH! I have 3 zits on my face. One of the 3 is very big and very red. Last night I tried to pop it and hardly anything came out..so when I woke up this morning it was very red. I put toothpaste on it last night and it did absolutely nothing. There's so much pressure under my skin there and I hate it. I am...

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