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Caitlin's accutane journey.

Day 31

Posted by caitbethmatch, 04 April 2012 · 195 views

So I tried to post the other day, but when I hit publish nothing happened, so all that work for nothing. I went to the dermatologist the other day (not the one I usually go to because he was on vaca) but they are keeping me at 40 mg per day for now. I went 3 days without my pills because my the dr. office scheduled my appt failing to tell me that I would be...

Day 21 (Well, 21 Pills Down)

Posted by caitbethmatch, 22 March 2012 · 241 views

So while babysitting last night...in a matter of a couple hours I developed a big cystic pimple on the top left side of my cheek!!! It was deep and sensitive to the touch. So, before I went to bed I wanted to put something on it to keep it from getting bigger. I chose to use the proactiv refining sulfer mask and left it on all night. When I got...

Itchy Scalp

Posted by caitbethmatch, 20 March 2012 · 207 views

No new updates with my skin. Still have those 2 pimples by my mouth and they are getting really annoying. They aren't really the same pimples...I just keep getting new ones in that general area. It looked nasty today, like I had herpes or something! No other breakouts anywhere, which I am very happy about. My cheeks are actually smooth.

Back pain...

Day 14

Posted by caitbethmatch, 15 March 2012 · 200 views

So not a WHOLE lot has been happening, but here are the updates.

My skin: Is looking better. My scars are beginning to fade which is a GREAT sign since it's so early in the treatment. I have about 3 active pimples. 2 of them are on either side of my mouth and they just keep popping back up. The other is on the upper right side of my cheek...and I...

Day 9

Posted by caitbethmatch, 10 March 2012 · 192 views

So nothing has really happened yet. My lips became dry pretty quickly probably within 3 or 4 days but they haven't been too bad. My hair is still getting oily as well as my skin. I currently can't focus very well because I am doing a white strip and it hurts like no other. Holy cow. Okay.

No sensitive gums yet, which is why I am trying to finish up...

Round 2 Of Accutane

Posted by caitbethmatch, 03 March 2012 · 165 views

So I have started my second cycle of accutane. I have taken two pills so far (nothing to report yet). I can't tell you how much I wish I had sucked it up and done this sooner. My cheeks are completely covered in scars and dark spots. I don't know how they will ever go away, but I am hoping that by the end of this cycle I will see big improvements. I...

I was hoping I would never use this site again...

Posted by caitbethmatch, 07 October 2009 · 122 views

So I've been off of accutane for a little over a year now...but now I have to do a second cycle. THIS BLOWS!!!! I started breaking out several months ago and nothing is stopping it. My doctor said I probably should have been on a higher dosage on the first cycle. So this time I am gonna go higher but my derm is a little worried because...

135....15 pills to go!

Posted by caitbethmatch, 09 September 2008 · 118 views

Hello hello everyone :naughty:

Everything with my skin is going great. No acne, no blackheads, no whiteheads, nothing. It's reallllly nice. I just wish I didn't have the little scars right on the apples of my cheeks. They make me sad.

Ugh I have strep throat though. I have been feeling real lousy for almost 3 days now. Went to the doctor today and...

Day 118

Posted by caitbethmatch, 23 August 2008 · 120 views

Wow, I haven't updated in a long time. Umm...my skin is clear. Although I have a few tiny bumps in a couple places. I don't know if they are white heads are what. I don't really notice them but I can feel them when I touch my face. I still get those dand dry patches but I just put up with them. I went to the derm the other day and got my LAST...

Day 83...disappointed.

Posted by caitbethmatch, 19 July 2008 · 119 views

My skin isn't behaving like I had hoped it would at this point. I mean I got this huge zit on my chin a couple days ago which I popped yesterday to relieve pressure but now it's this really red spot. I have 2 dry patches on either side of my mouth. The dry patches on my arms are returning. They were gone for quite a while and now they're back....

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