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2Nd Week Of Spironolactone

Posted by truegirl2anna, 21 August 2014 · 320 views

spironolactone spiro 25mg small hope
This week I finally saw noticeable differences in my skin at least. My current blemishes went away and my skin started to almost have a glow to it. I had maybe two pimples, but the overall tone was much clearer. The side effects were all gone, except the occasional trip to the bathroom. Insomnia completely stopped, and I finally felt as if there was hope to ending all of the annoying blemishes and pounds of make-up to help me appear "flawless". My skin was also less oily, and I felt like the blackheads and pores around my nose were even shrinking. I was thirsty more too, and I would be super fatigued after taking the medication. 

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