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6Th Week Of Spironolactone

Posted by truegirl2anna, 12 September 2014 · 304 views

So far I have not seen any significant changes. I had two periods technically though, which wasn't too abnormal. I'm due for one any time soon. My skin is less oily, kind of, and my skin is only getting about 5 pimples instead of 8. My hair doesn't appear to be falling out as much either. My body also seems to be slowing down by roughly about 10% maybe? O...

3Rd Week Of Spironolactone

Posted by truegirl2anna, 21 August 2014 · 554 views
spiro, spironolactone, oily, 25mg and 1 more...
This week has been rough. I am on the third week day 21 and my skin is poop. I broke out on day 18 of Spironolactone, it was just like my old hormonal days. I am worried because how could my skin be so awesome and clear then break out like a mofo right when things were finally starting to seem to work? Was it the "it gets better before it gets worse" kind...

2Nd Week Of Spironolactone

Posted by truegirl2anna, 21 August 2014 · 317 views
spironolactone, spiro, 25mg and 2 more...
This week I finally saw noticeable differences in my skin at least. My current blemishes went away and my skin started to almost have a glow to it. I had maybe two pimples, but the overall tone was much clearer. The side effects were all gone, except the occasional trip to the bathroom. Insomnia completely stopped, and I finally felt as if there was hope...

My First Week Of Spironolactone

Posted by truegirl2anna, 21 August 2014 · 426 views
spironolactone, 25mg, spiro, mild and 3 more...
The first week I noticed a lot of the common side effects. Hoping it would help my PCOS like symptoms such as the excessive hair and mild/moderate acne right away, however, it did not. Which I knew, I just secretly wished I would be the rare case where I all of a sudden saw improvements. I experienced excessive thirst, insomnia, not too bad but in the mid...

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