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Conservative Doctors And Accutane

Posted by GetMeTheResults, 15 June 2014 · 95 views

I don't get it.

People who have not responded well to 2-3+ retinoids, BP, BP/Clyndamicin topicals and antibiotics for 10+ years and have nodular/cystic acne deserve to get on Accutane if they want it.

I respect doctors who are not easy with the meds, but I also wish I could smile for once because my skin looks clear. I'll be 30 in 5-6 years, half of my life would be gone by then...
Nothing makes sense.

I know girl, you should be able to get accutane!

I definitely sympathize with your frustrations.  I saw your pictures and your acne is the type that accutane was invented for.  With that said, i strongly believe that everything happens for a reason so maybe the timing was not right.  I find that you sometimes have to shop around for derms to find the right fit.  Don't give up hope love.  Baby steps.  Keep on using your topicals, fix what you can (diet, stress, sleep, exercise, etc) and keep on keeping on.  You are not alone

Ok, he didn't refuse, because I didn't ask specifically to get on it. We discussed the low dosages some people take as a part of their maintenance program, and then he told me AGAIN of the horror stories that have happened over the years as well as some of the bad side effects, after which he gave me a new medication to use during the day in addition to Tazorac. He just genuinely cares about my health and probably believes I can get clear... I've been clear some of the time in the past 10 years.


I bought Dan's Regimen today, and I also got a bunch of supplements/herbs/teas last night and a specific wash that I loved to use when I was mostly clear.