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(Almost) Week 4- 6/13/2014

Posted by GetMeTheResults, 13 June 2014 · 119 views

(Almost) Week 4- 6/13/2014 My new prescription is:
-Tazorac Gel 0.1% (instead of the cream, which has been making my skin oily) at night
- Aczone gel (put it on in the morning for the whole day)
-Manuka honey16+ as a wash
I will continue using the following just as I have for the past 3 weeks:
- Benzoyl Peroxide 5% wash in the morning and at night. 
- Retin-A 0.05% for my back
- Ortho Tri-Cycline 
-blue light 15min night
- Dove soap here and there
-my supplements and diet

I ran out of Doxy after a month of 40g/day treatment.

Honestly I can't stop thinking of the "dangerous" miracle pill which would solve my problems... I feel bad for the people around me, because I'm constantly complaining about my skin and I also wish I didn't spent my time researching and buying natural remedies which would probably not work.  
Tonight I am $140 poorer because of my shopping binge and a cyst richer on the left side of my jawline.

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Those red inflamed headless bumps are the worst, aren't they?  I have at east 2-3 popping out daily and there is nothing i can do topically because of eczema.  You're not alone so if you want to talk, let me know.

I think the cysts are the worst lol I haven't had them that much though. Ive mostly had the really inflamed ones from the pics in my album. I started to break out really bad 3 months ago, before that it was manageable/tolerable. I think it was caused from too much stress, but Ive always had bad skin, so I'm ruling it out cuz I couldn't have been stressed out 24/7 for the past 10 years lol. This leads me to the thought that it MIGHT have been a hormonal break out... Whatever it is, I've taken some serious steps in improving my diet, my prescription medication and some other minor changes.

I feel like the only thing that could possibly make me happy is my progress, so I can't wait until I post my Week 5 pics


AAAND Ive seen your pics, you look fine, girl  I wish I had eczema which looks like you've blushed, instead of the ugly pizza acne, but I'm pretty sure you won't wanna trade lol

Thanks.  Those pics were taken when i just got off the regimen so now it has somewhat reverted back to the pre accutane stage it was before but i get what you're saying.  In comparison to what you're dealing with, it's nothing.  One thing i would caution you about is the extractions because since your face is highly active, it may scar.  That happened to me in 2011 after a facial and i still have marks and dents that will never heal.  Try not to put a time frame on your acne healing as for me, doing that turned into 1 big disappointment.  I would definitely give your regimen of healthy eating and medication 3-4 months and then visit Spiro before accutane.


Good Luck hun and keep your head up.

Why can't your dermatologist prescribe you Spiro? It seems to me that your gyno won't do it unless  you have PCOS or some other hormonal imbalance. I mean we all know our hormones are out of wack and that's the reason our faces produce so much oil. Still I am curious to see how this all turns out. Keep us updated!hifive.gif

He didn't want to give me a quick fix at the cost of more problems down the road. He has never prescribed spiro in my opinion, I could tell he's not very familiar with it and doesn't feel confident prescribing it to me, so he advised me to see my Gyno.

6 years ago my old Gyno told me I am pre-diabetic and that I have PCOS after we did some tests. It was a surprise to me because I've always played sports and have been eating healthy (I was a vegetarian for a couple of years in HS, volunteered in all organic health store, etc). Apparently my sugar stays in the blood more instead of getting absorbed in the cells properly. The PCOS diagnosis was based on an ultrasound that showed I had more than the normal quantity of cysts and some bloodwork which indicated that certain hormones were just a bit over the normal ranges.

I'll request my medical records from 6years ago to be mailed to me and also get tested again by my current Gyno, so spiro would certainly seem as the proper and logical course of action. I'm on so many things now, it freaks me out.

I'm pre diabetic too!  But no PCOS as far as i know. 

Yeah, I don't have PCOS neither. I went to an endocrinologist recently and she ruled out the idea.

Many women have more than the normal level of cysts in their ovaries, especially when they're in their puberty & 20s. 

Over the years my periods have become regular and I no longer meet the same symptoms of PCOS that I used to when I was 18.

My levels of testosterone were higher though (when I was 18) and I haven't tested them recently.

I think the birth control should have definitely taken care of that problem. It's been a month already, I have another 3 weeks before I see my dermatologist and I sign the papers for iPledge. I'm hoping that the new birth control and my new regimen improves the situation.

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