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Day 24

Posted by JolieJulie, 29 June 2014 · 173 views

Well, well, well...I'm still using Dermalogica..Don't know...but my skin started to be sooo dry...Haven't decided yet what could cause it: mask or booster or both...What if I use it too much...or maybe I apply it wrong...Jesus Christ, I definitely do something wrong....
My diet pisses me off!!! I can't drink black coffee anymore and yes (!!!) I do love cheeses and I will eat'em. We live only once and I can't limit myself all my life. Bygones.
What can I say..I'm a sad trash today) Just realize that everything I do...doesn't give much in reward... 
But no! I won't take antibiotics or try dermabrasion as I believe that I can do something about it just like that (using home remedies, professional cosmetics).
So, today gonna see my therapist and ask her: 'what the hell is going on???' Speaking about my face...Hmmm..It doesn't look much better...Oh, come on, it doesn't look better at all..Seems like it looks even worse. Like kind of irritation or something...
Okaaay, okaay, I will see the dermatologist soon! Grrrr 

Sorry for you, Julie...

When you give up trying Dermalogica and come to your senses and FINALLY try something really "professional" (how you call it) like Anna Lotan, let me know :-

Why do not you look up the ingredients on the back of the dermalogica products and see for yourself what is it that might be causing your skin reaction. There is nothing good in this brand's ingredients….well, good half of them are just bad chemicals you would not want in any quantity on your face….

Hopefully you kept the receipt... I had to return one of their products when I ended up with a nasty rash.

Hello...consider seeing a dermatologist. You only live once so you might as well have clear skin!:)

Will you finally try Barbados, eh???)))

Come on, it's the thing which really works. No bells and whistles! Works like medicines! No side effects (thanx god! No mysterious supplements you have to take!) Stop wasting money and make up your mind abt this: http://www.annalotan...-skin-care.html

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