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Accutane Round 2: FIGHT!!!

Is It Me? Or Is It Accutane?

Posted by UnsungAcneHero, 04 June 2014 · 202 views

For those of you who are just starting Accutane for the first time or hell, the 2nd, 3rd or whatever time, take time to observe pre-existing things affecting you. If you have always suffered from the screaming mimis on the toilet after a late night binge of Taco Bell, don't freak out if it happens when you're just now taking Accutane. If you had a ne...

Day 3: Original Or Extra Crispy?

Posted by UnsungAcneHero, 31 May 2014 · 182 views

Today I learned that starting Accutane in the summer is going to be pretty_darn_interesting. While walking from my car toward my office, I began the unchoreographed dance up the hill trying to avoid the sun. To a passer by, I must've looked like a mental case between rushing from shady patch to shady patch and holding my arms in front of me to keep the su...

And So It Begins...

Posted by UnsungAcneHero, 30 May 2014 · 160 views

So here I am again, staring at that familiar image of the pregnant woman with the international no symbol and as I peel it away, I think to myself "149 of these little ladies to go."
At least 149 more to go.
How did I get into this situation where I have a junkie bruise on my left arm and am now having to pop pills for the next 5 or so month...

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