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Day 1: The Journey Begins

Posted by Aimee1994, 28 May 2014 · 240 views

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First day ever taking Oratane (Accutane). I took Accutane when I lived at home in Canada, but had to come off of it because I couldn't meet the blood test dates due to moving to Australia. Now, I'm back on their version of Accutane, so we'll see where this goes! 
While on Accutane, I had some progress. I wasn't on it for very long, and I did have the side effects of severe dry lips and flaky, dry facial skin. My hands were moderately dry, but I didn't notice any other side effects besides that. I'm quite active: exercise 4-5 days a week, I eat healthy, and also just started taking fish oil capsules (1000mg per capsule), 4x a day (to equal 4g). Hopefully that will help with inflammation in my skin when the war breaks out on my face in week 4 (as I was warned). 
Trying to maintain a +'ve outlook on the fact that my skin WILL get worse before it gets better. However, my sister is on the exact same treatment, except she's a lot further along, and was SUPER excited for me when I told her I was going on it as well. Her skin looks incredibly gorgeous, and she's been on Accutane for about 8 months (she decided to do another round of treatment due to how severe her acne was). 
Planning to use: La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV SPF 30 moisturizer for dry face (worked wonders with Accutane, but $$$)
                           Blistex Lip Medex for dry lips
                           Vaseline Intense Therapy for dry hands 
                           Clearasil gentle face scrub for flakiness (probably going to discontinue using this b/c skin will be 10x more sensitive)
Here are pictures of my acne as of day 1: cheeks, chin, and forehead. As you can see, I have the type of pimples that come up from underneath the skin, the puss ones. NOT fun. 
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