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Posted by littlelids, 06 June 2014 · 273 views

roaccutane cetaphil acne rosacea make up
Cetaphil... WOW... Cetaphil... Posted Image
I literally don't know how I ever lived without this cream... It is the best I have used and keeps my skin hydrated. Yes, I am still using it 3-4 times a day but it lasts longer and feels good. It cost £10 but the tube is pretty big so hopefully it will last a couple of weeks.
Face Update: Looking so much clearer... Had a breakout this week (have attached a pic) which lasted 2 days but compared to how long they would usually last (1-2 weeks) I am amazed at how quickly it came and then disappeared. I still have pretty flushed cheeks but that is part of the rosacea anyway.
Side Effects - Disappearing slowly...! No more depressing thoughts and feeling constantly tired. Still the occasional mood swing but that might just be me, not the roaccutane!
I still have really really dry lips but I can live with that.
Going out for the first time on Saturday night with my friends and am dreading applying make up, foundation specifically, as I haven't worn any for 13 days so any tips would be great guys :)

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