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I've Completed Week 1 On Roaccutane!

Posted by littlelids, 02 June 2014 · 298 views

roaccutane week 1
I've Completed Week 1 On Roaccutane! Hi again :)
So, I've successfully completed week one on Roaccutane!
I have to admit it's been a busy 3 days (long weekend) as we've had friends over and places to go so we haven't stopped at all... but I think this is the key to success! Every time I get up and don't have many plans, these are the times I feel low and want to sleep constantly.
However, when I am busy and surrounded by people I feel OK, kinda normal. So my advise is to keep busy and not let your mind go into overdrive!
Side effects wise, no massive changes, lips have really dried out now and so has the rest of my face. Have had to buy some anti-dandruff shampoo as my scalp is quite bad at the moment, also my ears are really flaky... Anybody else had this with their ears?
My skin is clearing up, I have one new, painful pustule underneath my nose.
I have attached a photo of the area that isn't great at the moment. Really sore and quite angry too. Hopefully that will start to go down over the next few days.
Will keep you posted on the progress...

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