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Day 2 - Easter

Posted by Picky Nicki, 19 April 2014 · 190 views

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Things always seem to look  up when you have chocolate in your lap. SO! I did a shit ton of damage to my face last night, and I got yelled at by my parents today when I went to visit for easter. I knew that that was coming. 
I am trying new things to help reduce the redness and speed up healing: 
Calomine lotion
Vaseline Intensive skin repair
We'll see how those work, and I'll let you know if anything is magical and fast acting. There isn't anything terribly interesting to put today, my face fucking HURTS, and my self-esteem took a major hit. As well, I am stressed out about my exam this evening, which I don't feel prepared for, and the five hour drive I have to do tomorrow. So, yeah. Busy, busy, busy, and very stressed. 
But I have to say that I am feeling kind of optimistic, I really think, and hope, that these new products will help and that I'll be able to heal without serious scarring. 
Wish me luck, and good luck on your own journey.


I think you should see a psychiatrist like you said. If you literally can't stop picking your face it will never heal. I take a bunch of psych meds myself and I feel good most of the time. I take two SSRIs. Zoloft and Wellbutrin XL 300mg among other things. But you can regain your mental health if you seek counseling and psychiatric care. Best luck to you way over there in Nova Scotia!:)

I've been taking Cipralex (Citalopram) for around 8 years which helps tremendously with my depression. Its clinical depression rather than situational, and its helped with everything except my picking, so I'm looking forward to seeing the Psychiatrist, just have to wait for the referral to go through.

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