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Day 22

Posted by bcurry0731, 02 June 2014 · 277 views

I no longer have anxiety going out in public. However, I am stressing over my job.... or should I say job search. I am a recent grad and need to find a job that can pay my bills. I absolutely LOVE my job and enjoy going to work everyday, but it is a  non-profit which means minimum wage for employees.  I just got an email from a potential employer requesting an interview. I am worried about the affect my acne will have on my ability of getting hired.  It is bad to say this, but looks do matter when you go in for an interview. Who is going to want to hire someone who looks gross? My lips are still chapped and my skin still dry, but acne is improving daily.
Got bloodwork done this morning. Dermatology appointment on Wednesday.
Gross Advice: I have dealt with acne for as long as I can remember, but I have no scars. Use a needle cleaned with alcohol if you MUST pop a pesty whitehead. Everyone on here stresses DO NOT POP ... which is true.. you shouldn't. But accutane causes a crazy amount of whiteheads that would be awful to walk around with. I just prick the white head and push down on the sides. I DO NOT SQUEEZE! This gets rid of the gross white head without irritating the skin or causing scars.

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