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Day 16

Posted by bcurry0731, 27 May 2014 · 325 views

**Everything is really drying out. My pimples are all becoming super dry and eventually flaking off. My scalp is not as itchy as it was. I use to wash my hair everyday, but my hair is super dry so I can go a couple days. I know this sounds gross, but it helps with the itchy scalp. My lips are all I can think about. They don't look chapped at all, but boy do they feel it! I put on Waxelene about every five minutes. Tyler and I ran to chick fil a yesterday and I forgot my jar. Had to go through the drive thru instead because I couldn't live without my Waxelene.
Not much happening besides drying out. Still curious about highlighting my hair.
 Day 15 (above). Definitely seeing improvement 


You look good.  Accutane can be like that.  One minute you're in the pits of hell and the other minute you're clearing up.

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