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Isotretinoin Progress

Posted by runner7891, 23 July 2014 · 511 views

accutane update isotretinoin month 4
Isotretinoin Progress Hey all,
So far, my results on Isotretinoin (Accutane) are great! My skin keeps getting better and better. It definitely has taken the acne on my back the longest to clear up, but this month the acne is clearing up nicely!  I really hope the rest of this month and the next two months continue to be this great. Accutane has worked wonders for me. I pray my complexion stays this nice when I am no longer on Isotretinoin. Positives: Pores are smaller, decreased oil production, acne has disappeared with no new outbreaks,and skin looks younger and healthier. Negatives: dry skin and lips (but surprisingly manageable), small nose bleeds (only when picking nose with a tissue do I notice blood), skin is very very very sensitive, and skin takes much longer to heal (still have some cuts and scabs from summer activities that are healing). However, even with the negatives, I feel I made the right decision to go on Accutane.
Still taking 80mg a day and will continue until the end of September/ early October.
Blood test results have all been good.
Staying positive and counting down the days
[ Side note: the negatives listed above will all stop when the medication is stopped (or when it's completely out of the body) or at least I hope... lol ]
Hope everyone is staying strong with this never ending acne battle. Still have to enjoy life...heck you only get one!

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