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Month #2

Posted by runner7891, 08 May 2014 · 336 views

isotretinoin accutane amnesteem 80mg 2nd month acne
Month #2 Alrighty..So I saw the dermatologist on Monday!  According to my dermatologist, my skin is responding very well to Isotretinoin (Accutane). I am now doubling my dose from one 40mg capsule once a day to one 40mg capsule twice a day (80mg a day).  Same sort of results from the last update...some of the big outbreaks are still recovering, and a few tiny/new outbreaks/pimples. Oh well, nothing too crazy. My back and chest is starting to get pretty dry now, which is good though. It's neat to see how this drug works. Everything is being purged from my pores and is coming to the surface (gross but still kinda cool!). Glands are shrinking I suppose!  Staying positive.
White water rafting this weekend! Excited! But, bringing lots of sunscreen!! Hoping I don't dry out too much in the sun! LOL  Hoping everyone is not worrying too much about skin and is going to have a great spring/summer season! Acne sucks, but we still have to have a good time!

Hey! I have been taking 60mg for almost 5 weeks now, but when I moved up from 30mg, I had an initial breakout. They don't make 30mg pills anymore, so my derm is thinking of having me take 1 40mg pill on even days, and 2 40mg pills (80mg total) on odd days, that way about 60mg is in my system constantly.


Do you think I'd get a slight breakout on the days I'm taking a bit more (technically 80)? What are your thoughts? I'm nervous to do that, especially since I'm going to be traveling abroad soon and I don't want my face to break out a ton :/ 

Well it is hard to say for sure...I asked my dermatologists if I would have more breakouts when I moved up to 80mg and they said most likely not. But, I've read numerous stories where people breakout every time there is an increase in dose. So far, since the increase, I have not. However, that could change...Some initial breakouts can last almost the entire treatment. Hoping for the best!

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