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Day 25

Posted by runner7891, 30 April 2014 · 273 views

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Day 25 Day 25 on Isotretinoin. So far, the white heads around my chin and lips have pretty much cleared up. Currently, I am experiencing a pretty bad breakout on the sensitive skin under my left eye/beside my nose. This breakout makes me nervous that I will have a scar due to the severity of the breakout (fingers crossed that I won't). Basically, I have a big cyst with two smaller cysts around it. It has been a rough week because this breakout is so very noticeable.. But, the other areas of my face seem to be clearing up pretty nicely. Still have a few cysts around my ears/neck area. These cysts  however are getting smaller...little by little. I have a few small pimples on my forehead but they are drying up pretty quickly.  My skin seems to have adjusted to the dryness. I keep applying lots of moisturizer and chap stick quite often. My dry/itchy scalp is much better and does not bother me now. Still on 40mg once a day. I will see the dermatologist next week, and will post if my dosage changes. Side effects: dry face and lips (not bad enough to complain), a little fatigue, and increased sore/achy muscles, especially after working out. Thanks to everyone for the comments and feedback! It helps to hear from others going through the same process! Keep moving forward!

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