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Day 16

Posted by runner7891, 21 April 2014 · 266 views

Day 16 Well, finally getting over the initial breakout! Orrr at least I hope that I am! The breakouts around my lips and chin are pretty much clearing up! I have some big ones on my forehead and near my eyebrows but they are getting better. I can tell that the Isotretinoin is in my system and starting to work. As a result, I'm getting very dry skin and very dry lips. Also, my scalp itches like crazy, and I'm starting to get flakey scalp. Anyone able to give any good advice on shampoo/conditioner?? Still have a long road to travel, but for now things seem to be getting better...BUT I know that can change at any moment! Staying positive!   Happy Monday   

I love your pics. So awe inspiring! :)



Keep going man, you'll be where I am at in no time. Accutane really is a downer at first im ngl but you gotta keep your chin up until you're over the hump then its breezing through it.


Good luck!

I am using head and shoulders and it seems to be working pretty well! Also, use waxelene on your lips! My sister used it throughout her accutane and never had cracked or flakey lips! I am on day 8 and have been using waxalene from the start. My skin is really dry, but my lips are perfect! =)


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