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Day 16

Posted by runner7891, 21 April 2014 · 227 views

Day 16 Well, finally getting over the initial breakout! Orrr at least I hope that I am! The breakouts around my lips and chin are pretty much clearing up! I have some big ones on my forehead and near my eyebrows but they are getting better. I can tell that the Isotretinoin is in my system and starting to work. As a result, I'm getting very dry skin and very dry lips. Also, my scalp itches like crazy, and I'm starting to get flakey scalp. Anyone able to give any good advice on shampoo/conditioner?? Still have a long road to travel, but for now things seem to be getting better...BUT I know that can change at any moment! Staying positive!   Happy Monday   

I love your pics. So awe inspiring! :)



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