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Day 6

Posted by runner7891, 11 April 2014 · 254 views

acne accutane initial breakouts week 1 isotretinoin antibiotics advice
So today is day 6 of my Accutane journey. So far I've been breaking out more than usual, so I guess that is part of the initial break out, or at least I hope so. I'm experiencing a lot of little whiteheads around my lips and chin...annoying because they stand out so much, but hopefully that will improve!  Did a lot of you guys stay on antibiotics while starting Accutane? I haven't experienced really dry skin or dry lips yet. I however did get a red face from being outside. The weather has been great where I am at, and the other day I was outside working for only 15 minutes or so. Within that 15 minutes, my face burned. So at work today, I received a lot of comments about the red face. ..Posted Image 
Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Use an oil free moisturizer with sunscreen like an spf30 higher. See http://www.cetaphil....acne-prone-skin


I have really tan skin so I never thought I could get a sunburn. Boy was I wrong. I got sunburn once in my life and it was so severe from using tretinoin aka Retin-A. From then on I use an spf30 moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Use it bro!

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely pick up some of that! I don't think I will ever go outside without sunscreen now!

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