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Day 2 Accutane

Posted by thatchicktayyyy, 02 April 2014 · 276 views

You guys haven't seen my acne yet, but i, personally can tell that my cysts have gone away. Usually I'll have about 3 major cysts at a time. Now I have none, Just a bunch of little annoying ones! So here is pictures of my cheeks, back and arms, I wasn't really able to get under my chin to well.
As for girls, I have pretty much mastered the art of covering up my zits with make up. I will be posting more about that soon.
As for now, here is my acne with no make up on it. My biggest insecurity, well, here we go.
Hopefully Accutane can help me!

Check out my "before accutane" album to see my acne pictures.

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