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Dermal Grafting And Dermal Filling.

Posted by Landicho24695, 27 March 2014 · 294 views

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Has anyone ever heard of dermal grafting for acne scars. The idea of it seems like it could potentially help reduce any type of depressed acne scar by 70-100% but I just haven't heard much about it or seen any before or after photos. Apparently it acts as a filler and the results are permanent. So how the procedure apparently works is that they cut a thin piece of skin from behind your ear and
Cut out the scar tissue of your scarred area replacing it with the skin from behind your ear and keeping it held there with steri strips or something.. I can't really describe it properly.. But I'm actually willing to try it if 5 subcision sessions don't successfully work on me. But don't get me wrong I'm sure dermal grafting comes with it's fair amount of risks too. The idea just seems to make sense to me. You're basically removing the scarred tissue and replacing it with new skin tissue or something. I'm really bad at explaining. I just to get rid of these scars and have smooth skin for formal! So please if anyone has any information or results regarding this procedure please do tell.

Here's some information about it: http://www.dailymail...-disappear.html

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