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Posted by jesuislouise, 11 May 2014 · 290 views

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I tend to write a weekly blog but think I should start to do them more regularly because my skin literally changes on a daily basis. I was raving last week about how clear my skin was looking but literally over night I've gotten more pimples ugh. It's frustrating because I would have thought that in week 5 my skin would be looking really clear but I've still got active acne and a load of hyper pigmentation.. boooooo.
On a different note, I started my first day of training to be an eyelash technician! It's going really well, I did my first set of eyelashes on one of my girlfriends and just need to do a few more until I'm confident enough to take the exam! 

Congrats on becoming an eyelash tech! You will help beautify the world! wink.png

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