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2Nd Derm Visit Today

Posted by sunshinedaydreamss, 25 March 2014 · 96 views

Today I went back to the dermatologist. I had my first appointment only 3 weeks ago, at which the doc gave me 2 topical prescriptions: Aczone(day) and Tretinoin(night). Since starting these treatments, I felt like my acne was getting considerably worse...I started to develop some large, deep, painful spots that have never really been a problem for me before. Today she prescribed me a low dose of Spironolactone and also gave me samples for Atralin to try in place of the Tretinoin at night. I also got a topical spot treatment called Vanoxide (benzoyl peroxide & hydrocortisone) that is supposed to help with the large, painful cysts/spots. I'm very hopeful that the Spironolactone will help since it seems my acne is kinda hormone-related...I have another appointment in 2 and a half months soo we'll see! 

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