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Smoothies/ Acne Update

Posted by mysterynoodle, 26 March 2014 · 130 views

smoothies dry skin honey acne scars healthy clean and clear food
Serving: 6 cups
1 cup almond milk
some water (lol, eyballed) (like maybe 1/4 cup, just to loosen it up)
6 strawberries
2 celery stock
2 banana
2 huuuuge handfuls of spinach 
2 tbs flax seed
woohoo no sugar or honey
it was crazy delicious I gulped it down like an animal. dude, this was SO GOOD. the banana was the sweet agent so I didn't taste the spinach or the celery. awesome. I may have added too much flax seed, I could taste it afterwards, but it's not that bad, adds a little texture to the smoothie. it made 6 cups (according to my blender) so I split into three's for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. Monday I had my avocado strawberry smoothie. I'll make something for friday and the weekends. I probably won't, maybe bake something. I have 2 bananas left so I'm going to make banana bread now. woop woop.
okay my face has been getting better. I wish I could post pictures but too lazy. I've been using the Clean and Clear cleanser with the 10% bp (yowza, that's a ton of bp). I was really scared at first, this was my first time with bp, I've been going along with natural way for my face but it got really bad so I decided to try something new.
the redness is still there, but the bumps have been shrinking. my forehead is almost clear. 
I've also been slathering my face with honey for the past few days (started 3/23). In the past, I noticed my face getting better after applying honey. so I decided to continue, I'm trying to be consistent about this so it'll heal faster. dude, my acne has been doing so well after applying honey. it helped a lot with the scars. woohoo. it's less noticeable under makeup too.

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