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The Road So Far

Posted by mysterynoodle, 18 March 2014 · 186 views

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Hello! so excited for this blog as I'm committed to updating it on a daily basis. Alright, let's get down to business. 
I love bullet points, they keep things concise and organized, they also help me not get carried away with irrelevant details. Most of thhe entries in this blog will be bulletized! yay
a short story:
  • I've had blemishes and a few pimples throughout high school. Nothing too serious. I wasn't all that self conscious about it
  • I was 18 and bam! acne just came on full force ruining my first semester of college. damn it was a nightmare. However, I wasn't unprepared, My sister has been battling acne ever since puberty hit so I kind of knew what was going on. but not really okay
  • I LOVE experimenting with new masks and homemade treatments so I decided to give some home remedies a try. I knew it won't work as quickly as the chemical treatments but I as much I hate acne, I love my face so I didn't want to expose it to those harsh chemicals aka the well loved BP. 
  • also, I've always had dry skin. and hyper pigmentation. the hp reduced after homemade masks but was still noticeable. 
My face now:
  • Dry skin on cheeks, around nose, sometimes nose, chin, b/w eyebrows, sometimes forehead

    *Product*-I exfoliate every other day to get rid of dry skin patches. I looooooooove St. Ives products. I've been using their Fresh Skin Face Scrub for years, I ran out recently so I've been using their Apricot Scrub. It's okay.Doesn't make me break out, not as effective as Fresh Skin but it's great before makeup.
  • Oily T-Zone
  • acne scars on cheeks,
  • acne on cheeks
  • few acne on forehead
  • dark under eyes
    *it's genetic, (thanks dad), so it doesn't really bother me. I've made my peace with these guys, they're not so bad once you get used to them.
that's about it! I will update every other week ( twice a month) with pictures. But I will update entries every day with what I ate, regimen, skincare, etc. 

My Week


Honey for the scars (every day)

Tea tree oil at night (every night)

rose water after washing face as toner (every day)

glycerine+ moisturizer before makeup to prevent flaking, dry patches, cakey mess

clay mask once a week (usually sunday)

turmeric/chickpea mask 3x a week


healthy smoothie every other day

green tea every day 

min of 2 liters of water every day (oh god)


no chips

no soda( haven's had soda in years and it changed my life wow)

no heavy sugary foods. 

I won't deprive myself of foods that I love, like cake and coffee. Just minimize the intake so It'll make this whole thing easier. 


except the smoothies, I've been following up with this for a long time. Just not consistently, which lead to binge eating cake and chips. and depression. and horrible acne and oily skin. so I decided to make this an everyday thing.

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