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Posted by Vinponic, 21 May 2014 · 171 views

Hello Everyone,
So a bit has happened since last time I posted. My primary care physician ordered liver blood testing after seeing my blood test from a few weeks prior and a liver ultrasound. Everything is normal! Alkaline Phosphate has went back down ( although higher then when I started ). 
I attached all the liver blood work I have had done for reference, in case anyone wants more detail.
I had the second blood test a few days after going up to 40mg, it seems it took a few weeks for my liver to adapt to the increase. The first, bottom most blood test is from a few days prior to treatment and the last one was taken around a week ago. 
During my meeting with the dermatologist he increased my dosage to 60 mg and switched me to a mail order pharmacy called Direct Success, sounds kind of ghetto, but as long as it works. The "pharmacy" sent me Zenatane, a drug manufactured in India. From my research, there have been many quality control issues from various drugs manufactured in India last year, I hope the manufacture is trustworthy.

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Hey thanks so much for posting this blog. I am also on Amnsteen, today will be my third week and I am on 40 mg/day. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon but so far so good. Everything is starting to come to the surface so I have a lot of white heads but they are slowly coming out on their own. I have extremely oily skin too so my skin has not been affected to much with dryness. I am going to my doctor next week to get my blood work and hopefully everything turns out well :) I have been drinking tons of water, but I have been parktaking in alcohol on the weekends :-/  I may get bumped up to 60 mg for June. Please keep me posted especially since we have the same generic drug...Have a great day!!



Thanks, its nice to know that this is useful to someone. I wont let this blog die : )

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