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Day 30 (Clavaris 40Mg Once Daily)

Posted by nickacz, 01 April 2014 · 295 views

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Hey everyone, happy April and happy 30 days on Accutane! Month 1 is over yahoooo!!!!
Not much to update on since my last update, just blackheads are continuing to surface and dissappear. I feel like every 3-5 days they will get really bad and then like fall out and then it happens again. Just trying really hard not to squeeze!!! Other than that, no actives, im pretty clear. My scarring is getting better and so is my skintone. My face and lips are still super dry but not anything cerave moisturizer and aquaphor can't fix! I've taken photos on every Monday since i first started and it is pretty clear i've made good progress.
I have to answer my ipledge questions today so i can drop off and recieve my prescription. I'm staying on 40mg once daily of Clavaris, it seems to be working very well and giving minimal side effects. Also i really think i survived my first month without a crazy initial break out! the only thing that has gotten bad for me is the blackheads, but they are manageable. Everything else has just been getting better and better!!! (: Month 1 down, probably 4 months to go!!! my birthday is in 2 months and i'll be 20, i'm just praying this is the first birthday in years i can go out and celebrate without wearing makeup on my face and feeling self concious. It is all i ever wanted, even with my progress thus far i feel ontop of the world!!! oh ya im still taking the antibiotic, gonna stop after this month i think.
Hope everyone has a great week and hope you are all doing well!!! xoxo

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