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Week 8 - The Fun Continues

Posted by ivyagogo, 28 April 2014 · 196 views

Somehow my weeks have gotten all funky. Today is actually day 56. He just got back from the dermatologist and is going to start 60mg tonight. Because of his weight, he won't be able to increase the dosage, so this is it. He will be on 60 for the duration of his treatment.
I don't have much to add to this week, just more of the same. What a bloody mess. Poor kid.
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I feel so terrible for him. I remember so clearly, like it was yesterday, what my adolescent skin was like. Now I am clear again. He has a hard road ahead of him but I do believe your son will make a full recovery.

He stayed home from school today. He is in a lot of pain - physical and mental. We're moving into month 3. Hopefully this will start clearing up soon.

keep on keeping on mom.  Keep in mind that severe acne may need a second course of accutane.  It may also be helpful to monitor diet, stress, etc to make sure those things are not contributing.


Keep your son in my thoughts and prayers

I am finally starting to see some improvement, just in the last two days. Hopefully my week 9 entry will show a lot less acne.

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