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Ruptured Cyst

Posted by ivyagogo, 02 April 2014 · 197 views

So the other day we had that one cyst that inflated and we had the cortisone shot the next day.  The cyst went down, but it was still raised and angry. Today my son was reading in class and was leaning on his hand. The cyst ruptured and there was black blood all over the place. He said his entire hand was cupped holding all the blood so it wouldn't spill everywhere.
It was scary and it hurt, but it actually looks better now.  It is slightly discolored, sort of a greenish bruise color, but it isn't purple. Here is a photo of the cyst after the rupture and earlier in the week when it inflated.
Attached Image Attached Image

Poor kid, hopefully it starts going better for him.

shoot, hes really going through this head first..it will make him a strong and confident man once this clears up..you can seee how clear hes getting in other parts of his skin to

That's what I told him. It will get better and it's already starting. He is going through this quite young. By the time he is in high school next year he will have much better skin than the other kids

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