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My Oh So Clear In-Laws

Posted by tanna23, 24 May 2014 · 187 views

This is just me venting about my own insecurities.

My fiancé's family has the nicest skin. I've only ever seen pimples on two of his family members and they were never anything much. If they broke out with one zit it was a lot. His mom has nicer skin than I do. well... Not with any pimples or dark marks.. Very clear and even looking.

He also has the clearest skin. In our five years together I've seen 2-4 zits pop up on his face. In 5 bleeping years! So not fair. He also feels nice and soft and smooth and I'm very jealous because he has less hair on his legs than I do (if I don't shave that is). I just hope my kids are like that. I hope my kids don't have to come out like me and spend years drinking poison in hopes of getting rid of acne.

So his family invited me to go for some nature walk thing where they walk through a trail with some birds and monkeys up to a lake and spend the rest of the day sipping cocktails and swimming. If he was here I'd go with him, but I feel so uncomfortable in front of people when I wear a bathing suit because of all the spots on my back. Plus I'll have to stay out of the sun because of the accutane.

Anyway, these people are now upset with me because I keep canceling on them and not going to see them and what not, as if I didn't have enough stress in my life already. I'm tired... That's why I don't go to see them and I don't want to be out in the sun where I'm the only one burning and the only one covered in marks.

I know how you feel! :(

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