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Afraid Of The Future

Posted by InhibitedDreamer, 03 March 2014 · 138 views

So, as the title says I'm afraid of the future, afraid that this acne will never clear up. Even though I've been working so hard to clear it. I don't have any dairy products, no glutton and defiantly no sugar for almost a month now. I have done two liver purges, I take all the essential vitamins and I'm currently on antibiotics and probiotics for an ear i...

Hi Ready To Hear My Story?

Posted by InhibitedDreamer, 03 March 2014 · 110 views

So I've had acne ever since I was twelve years old and now I'm seventeen. It started out relatively normal and manageable, but by the time I was in grade nine  it exploded all across my forehead. Luckily I had bangs and was able to survive all that not too bad.
For my high school life my acne has been somewhat manageable with breakouts hear and there and...

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