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Accutane Update Week 7

Posted by Purple*cloud, 11 March 2014 · 251 views

Accutane Update Week 7 Re-cap: taking amnesteem 40mg twice a day = 80mg/day

1. Never got another headache.
2. I do feel and have felt a bit more tired than usual.
3. My lips are not súper dry which I am shocked because 100% of the reviews i have read included major chapped lips. They are def drier than usual but most days I manage to apply it a few times and no Chapness r...

5 Weeks On Accutane Headache

Posted by Purple*cloud, 25 February 2014 · 266 views
accutane headache, amnesteem and 3 more...
I took 40 mg a day for the first month, at the 1-month mark, my dosage was doubled. I am now taking amnesteem 80mg a day.

On Friday night  ( after three pills of the new dosage) I got a headache. It was really bad, I went to sleep and did not think much of it. Saturday I spent most of the day with the same headache that got better with ibuprofen and the...

Clarisonic While On Accutane.

Posted by Purple*cloud, 21 February 2014 · 1,559 views
clarisonic accutane sensitive and 2 more...
If you are thinking about using your clarisonic while on accutane, don't.

I usually have very "sturdy" skin that is almost never sensitive from products, sun or "roughness".

I had a dry patch on my cheek bone and though i know you have to be extra gentle while on accutane, I figured I'd try the clarisonic so I can get rid of that flaky area. Boy was th...

1 Month Accutane Mark

Posted by Purple*cloud, 20 February 2014 · 402 views

Today concludes my first month on isotretinoin.

I took amnesteem 20 mg twice a day (40 mg per day).

My derm doubled the dosage. Now I will do 40 mg twice a day ( 80 mg per day)

So far these have been my side effects. Some may or may not be caused by the drug.

- two or three headaches that have disappeared within minutes of taking ibu...