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Painful Pimples-Update!

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 24 March 2014 · 169 views

Painful Pimples-Update! So remember a couple days back I shared with you all about those painful pimples that were on my chin.  If not- go check out the picture & short post. Titled "painful pimples"

On that post, I talked about how there were 5 to 6 pimples forming on my chin, however a couple of them wouldn't come to surface.  Because of this those bad boys hurt so badly, I called into work. The pain was realllll.

  & not to mention I did one of the worst things ever, I applied alcohol on my pimples<----- big NO NO! From a few years back I learned that alcohol dries the pimple out, however I must've forgot alcohol leaves a ugly dark mark. (Attached is a photo) anyways, after the pimples came to surface, some ice & spot treatment did the job! Now I'm just waiting for the dead skin to remove itself & new beautiful skin to rejuvenate!

Side note: other than this breakout, my skin is doing great! No makeup- no breakouts! ☺️

Stay beautiful!