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Painful Pimples Part 2-Picture

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 24 March 2014 · 181 views

Painful Pimples Part 2-Picture Here's a new picture of those painful pimples from  a few days ago after I just washed my face the dry scabs fell right off!

Attached is a photo.

Painful Pimples-Update!

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 24 March 2014 · 169 views

Painful Pimples-Update! So remember a couple days back I shared with you all about those painful pimples that were on my chin.  If not- go check out the picture & short post. Titled "painful pimples"

On that post, I talked about how there were 5 to 6 pimples forming on my chin, however a couple of them wouldn't come to surface.  Because of this those bad boys hurt so badly,...

Embrace Your Flaws

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 21 March 2014 · 286 views

Embrace your flaws...

It's time to stop beating yourself up over your imperfections, over your flaws, your insecurities.  

It's time to learn to love & appreciate yourself. It's time to look in the mirror & believe that "you are beautiful" that you are unstoppable & fearless! Stop feeding your fears with the opinions of others.  So often we...

I'm Feeling Good! Really Good!

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 19 March 2014 · 240 views

I'm Feeling Good! Really Good! Hello beautiful people, as always thanks for reading! I'll try to keep this one short & straight to it! Key word "I'll try"

Ok, so basically to get to it, I'm feeling GOOOD!  Like Im just happy. I feel more confident.... More understanding... Refreshed... Rejuvenated.. Appreciative...you know ALL that Good stuff.  

In my last post I gave you all an...

Enough Is Enough!

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 08 March 2014 · 218 views

Enough Is Enough! Thanks for reading! Attached is a old picture. (Above or below) showing my skin before makeup, before all the blemishes.

ACNE  is soooooooooooooooo draining, so stressful, soooooooooooooooooo ugly, soooooooooo everything!

I have my days, some days I'm like "blah whatever" another pimple that's nothing new. & days when I'm like pulling my hair (not...

Makeup Or Making Up?

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 21 February 2014 · 180 views

Makeup Or Making Up? Sooooo I have to share this morning shenanigans with you beauties.  

So like I stated in my last post, I use make up. I use it on a daily.  Blah blah. Anyways,  I try to cleanse my makeup brushes every 2 days.  So last night, I soaked my brushes in my cleanser & unfortunately ended up falling to sleep while the brushes were still soaking.

I woke up...

Stay Strong! Self Confidence!

Posted by Beautyandblemishes, 19 February 2014 · 342 views

Stay Strong! Self Confidence! Like many of you, I have struggled with acne my entire life. However the last year and a half my struggle has become Severe. During the year of 2012 I suffered from a really bad breakout, & there forward the breakouts continued.  I'm sure it got worse over time from using a countless number of products, unhealthy dieting, etc.  However I remained conf...